FY2010 Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology:"Social System Reformation Program for Creation of New Society matching Climate Change"

Urban Reformation Program for Realization of Bright Low Carbon Society


Information systems Group

Development of Social Information System

We grasp a community as a social unit, attempt energy optimization within a community, and plan "hunergy*" optimization.
*"hunergy" is a coined term that abbreviates human synergy. It is an index for considering the future of the new community in the aging society.

various people belong to a community while they retain individuality respectively. Especially the elderly has accumulated numerous experiences as well as contributed to a society.

Optimization of individual activities in a community is considered to enable enhancement of further activities and quality of life, that lead to enhancement of synergy of the community.

We propose "hunergy" as an index of optimization of such individual knowledge, wisdom and activity. The optimization of "hunergy" leads to optimization of activities in a community, and then results in enhancement of individual quality of life. We make the following efforts.

  • We design the social information systems in order to quantitatively define "hunergy".
  • We promote studies on sensor specifications and necessary protocols for sampling "hunergy" and energy quantitatively in conjunction with the information systems.

We make the following efforts to be more precise.

  1. Design and study on social information systems
  2. Development of the information sensor (electric power clip) and demonstration of the social information systems utilizing the sensors
  3. Development of systems that enable to obtain visual images and information and to create values (Packaging)
  4. Actual application of them to the society, and dissemination of the package to Asia and to the world

Design and study on social information systems

Systematization and packaging of various knowledge through the integrated information system, and development and dissemination of the social business model

  • Analysis on mechanism of innovation creation

    Analysis on creation mechanism of innovation that attempts to create values concerning health, security, environment and so on with focusing on knowledge (science and technology), actors (networks), and systems (customs, laws, and policies)

  • Analysis on mechanism of connection and integration of different innovations

    Possibility of connection and integration of values concerning health, security and environment is analyzed from a systematic viewpoint, and the framework of evaluation of social experiments in the final stage is studied.

  • Establishment of the social business model

    Innovation for health, security and environment is created through collaboration with various stakeholders such as universities, enterprises, public organizations and citizens. Conditions are studied for establishment of the social business model for the long-term growth of industries in a broad sense.

  • Packaging of knowledge, experiences, and know-how

    Hard system is developed utilizing the latest information and communication technologies in order to systematize and package accumulated knowledge and information that are dispersed in suppliers, service integrators, users, universities, public organizations and so on through the social experiments.
    Soft system is developed concerning policies and systems that give influence on the stakeholders’ behaviors.
    Both systems are integrated effectively.

  • International transfer and system design of system innovations

    Long-term position of Japan in the world is studied with consideration of dissemination of packaged system innovations to Asia in the future. Strategic efforts are studied that combine proposals of system design with system innovation from an international viewpoint.

Development of information sensor and visualization


Development of systems that enable to obtain visual images and information, and to create values