FY2010 Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology:"Social System Reformation Program for Creation of New Society matching Climate Change"

Urban Reformation Program for Realization of Bright Low Carbon Society


Research Group Contents organization in charge
Energy Development of hybrid heating and air-conditioning system treating sensible and latent heat separately and utilizing solar energy The University of Tokyo,Kashiwa City
Mobility Social experiment by using super-compact electric vehicles and bicycles The University of Tokyo,Kashiwa City
Clinical Plant Science Development of clinical plant science The University of Tokyo,Kashiwa City
City planning Planning of housing satisfactory for the elderly The University of Tokyo,Kashiwa City
Agriculture & landscape architecture planning Utilization of biomass resources, conservation of biodiversity, utilization of organic resources for local agriculture, and food security The University of Tokyo,NPOChiba Satoyama Trust, Kashiwa City
Information systems Development of information sensors, demonstration of social information systems, and packaging of this program achievements The University of Tokyo,Kashiwa City
Content initiatives Social reformation efforts to realize the bright and low carbond society The University of Tokyo,Kashiwa City,Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.