FY2010 Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology:"Social System Reformation Program for Creation of New Society matching Climate Change"

Urban Reformation Program for Realization of Bright Low Carbon Society


Details of Expected Achievements

Expected achievements

  1. The green society infrastructure is established by expansion of green areas and advancement of agriculture in a suburban area. A system is developed where the elderly participates as an active player for the establishment.
  2. Aiming at realization of the new social system, various information is acquired from each demonstration and is accumulated to make the integrated information systems.
  3. The acquired integrated systems are packaged, and a model is constructed to obtain a generic system that is applicable to other areas.

Appeal Points

  1. This is an unprecedented large scale and integrative experiment that aims a simultaneous solution for the hyper-aging society and global environmental issues.
  2. The hyper-aging society and global environmental issues are problems that many countries will face from now on. The environmental model city can be realized that is globally most advanced.
  3. We have sufficient achievements since we have so far implemented social experiments in a small scale or on an individual objective in several areas such as Kashiwa City and Fukui City.