FY2010 Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology:"Social System Reformation Program for Creation of New Society matching Climate Change"

Urban Reformation Program for Realization of Bright Low Carbon Society



Actions 1. Development of rich and green environment
  • Making and supporting private farmlands for community use by utilizing abandoned farmlands and vacant residential lands
  • Dissemination of the vegetation physician system for the elderly for the promotion of greening
  • Providing opportunities for the elderly to take part in the realization of low carbon society
2. Low-carbonizaion of mobility system
  • Enhancement of activity of the elderly through development of personal transportation measures such as super-compact electric vehicle
  • Making environment enabling the elderly to work comfortably
3. Low-carbonization of assets
  • Dissemination of energy saving housing, heating and air-conditioning equipment utilizing natural energy, and so on
  • Making environment enabling the elderly to live comfortably

Exits 1. Realization of cities full of green and low carbon society

⇒ Job and social participation opportunities for the elderly, and promotion of local economy

2. Social system reformation
  • Deregulation of green space for production and private farmland for community use
  • Flexible operation of Road Act and Road Traffic Act regarding mobility
  • Utilization of financial assets for energy saving of the elderly's housing
  • Formation of the community for the elderly to live comfortably (City planning)

Let's strive to realize both of sound aging society and low carbon society!!