FY2010 Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology:"Social System Reformation Program for Creation of New Society matching Climate Change"

Urban Reformation Program for Realization of Bright Low Carbon Society


Steering Committee

  Challenges of social systems Ministries concerned Steering Committee
Low-carbonization of the elderly's assets

Introduction acceleration system for low carbon technologies based on the self-sustained government bonds model

  • Keeping finance resources for public investments, and reformation of resources allocation framework

  • Study on institutional bottlenecks such as responsibility relationship between public organizations and home owners and succession of claims and obligations
    Rationalization of regulations such as safety standards of buildings and facilities

  • Reinforcement of regulation such as introduction obligation of low carbon technologies and aid system

Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Office (National Strategy Office, Science and Technology officer), METI, MLITT, MOE

If required, MOF, MIAC, MOJ, etc

Technology development team, Promotion team of social reformation: The University of Tokyo, Chiba Prefecture, Kashiwa City

Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., Future Design Center

Low-carbonization of support system for the elderly’s activities

Acceleration of introducing activity support system such as smoothing the elderly‘s ambulation

  • Rationalization of regulations such as road administration and security standards of vehicles

  • Aid system for introduction


If required, MHLW

Low-carbonization by the elderly themselves as responsible players

Administration of green environment by the elderly

  • Rationalization of regulations such as farmland utilization and administration of public objects such as parks

  • Building of secured and healthy community by utilizing agriculture and farmlands

  • Establishment of job appointment system for the elderly as vegetation physicians, and aid system


if require, MHLW